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A wedding dress is one of the most difficult items of clothing to clean.

Our specialist service ensures that your bridal gown will continue to look beautiful for years to come. Please download our brochure here for full care on handling your wedding dress.

Gowns are personally priced on inspection by the dry cleaner on arrival.



We can clean duvets, pillows drapes, sheets, tablecloths , bedspreads, sleeping bags.   In fact, if it’s made of fabric the chances are we can clean it.   Bring it in to us for a spring clean – you won’t believe how good these items will feel and smell after a good dryclean.



You wouldn’t be a proper Wellingtonian without one of those big warm winter jackets (like Kathmandu and North Face).   We can clean them, and what’s more we can waterproof them for you as well.



Yes – it is possible to clean leather and suede garments. They’re probably among the most expensive garments you own, and are among the trickiest to clean. So don’t risk it, bring them in to us.

Not only is regular cleaning important for leather and suede to ensure that any stains don’t degrade the appearance of the skin, but our cleaning processes will restore the skin’s natural oils and suppleness.



Can we fix it? Yes we can. Everything from shortening & lengthening or repair of hems, general mends, relining of jackets and coats, and resizing.